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Mr. Subhdh Niyogi set up the firm S. Niyogi & Sons to kick start the business of shuttlecock with a small manufacturing unit around 70 kilometers away from Kolkata in 1995. The demand of the market at that time was locally manufactured international standard and cheap shuttlecocks, which was then dominated by expensive and imported shuttlecocks for which the standard of the sport was declining due to inadequate practice. Young and visionary Subodh Niyogi, a sportsperson and a former footballer of yesteryears, thought of solving this problem and he came up with DODO. The firm has seen its share of ups and downs as usual but has steadily grown to having three manufacturing units in the same locality and is considering expanding even more. Thereafter seeing the success of the business, there are now around 10 firms operating from the area and has become a hub for shuttlecock manufacturing in West Bengal. The firm has reached great heights with an able and efficient leadership. With both skillful craftsmanship and automation we have become one of the major shuttlecock manufacturers in INDIA.

What drove us?






Our motive is to provide customers quality products with good value. Through its quality products the company is trying to expand and grow even more and gain newer and reputed markets in INDIA and abroad.



Our dream is to take badminton to grassroots level by locally manufacturing all the equipment of the sport and make it available at rock bottom costs, so that, badminton as a sport is accepted game and widely played in INDIA.


Future Plans

We are working hard to achieve our mission and fulfill our vision with plans that are unparalleled in thought and magnitude. Some of them include automation in manufacturing, innovation in design, redefining materials, etc.


Our aim is to provide customers quality products with good value. Through its quality products the company has earned a good reputation in the market.